• The month of May, Mr. Jaume Lleal, 24 years old, was established as Entrepreneur, a workshop was located in the city of his birth, Badalona. This decision followed the same path of many of his ancestors, as for almost 147 years (1874), each generation of the family has new Lleal entrepreneurs, especially in the metallurgical and ceramics industries.
1964 1964
  • Mr. Lleal decided to start manufacturing products themselves, far from the current production, but always thinking about exporting.

  • Among other things, manufactures desbasting-polishers for marble floors (PULMAX) appliances for welding domestic rubbish bags (SERNIK), refractory molds, machines for the textile and sub-assemblies for machine tools and small series of special pieces. 
  • Create the brand NOVOTECNIC wich introduces into the field of liquid filtration used in the metallurgical industry. First, as an agent of a foreign firm.  
  • Designes and manufactures its own precoat filters. With the go-ahead from its represented. In short, it has 8 patents. 
  • Designs and builds the first major central system based in hydrocyclones, with a flow of 6,000 l/min, and a capacity of 70m3 of emulsion for a factory that manufacturers refrigeration compressors.
  • ITALY: Novotecnic shows filters on the 3rd. EMO in Milan. First export sale. A German company that manufacturers honing machines purchases the first precoat filter. For a few years the company purchases many more of different capacities. 
  • Design and manufacture the first central system type FTD 35 precoat system for cutting oil in a factory that produces male taps. Total flow 1.600 l/min.

  • GM - Saginaw:Design and manufacture the first central precoat filtration system type FTD 40 DA 35 for a line of grinding cv joints incorporating new sludge drying system with compressed air CALL 400 (patented). 
  • FORD: Design and manufacture for one of its factories, 7 FIDE centrals systems with pneumatic depression:

    • 3 centrals with flows of 5.000 l/min.
    • 4 centrals with flows of 3.000 l/min

    • With two possibilities of filtration:
      • Endless nylon band.
      • Paper band.
  • GERMANY: Instalation in Baden Wuerttemberg, one oil central precoat filtration type FTD 40 DA30 for grinding cutting tools. Flow 2000 l/min. 
  • NEW FACTORY: A great achievement. Moved to the new factory of 3,800 m2 built in Sta. Perpetual Moguda. 
  • JAPAN: Mr. Lleal, after several trips, signs a contract for an agent in Tokyo. Begin sales in this important market. 
  •  SWITZERLAND: Design and manufacture two central precoat systems, an FTD 60 DA 100 and an FTD 40 AD TA with a total flow of 5.000 l/min of cutting oil for a manufacturer of male taps.
  • TADE: Design and manufacture the first hydraulic vacuum central filtration system. 
    • Vacuum hydraulic filter for large flows. 
    • Can be used with: 
      • Grille trapeizal section (paperless) 
      • Paper band. 
      • Endless Nylon Band.
  • Japan: Novotecnic designs, manufactures and assembles a group of central precoat systems. It is for a client that produces male threading, a total of 8 plants type 2FTD 75 DA 67 were delivered. 
    • Total flow rate: 36,000 l / min. 
    • Capacity: 560 m3 
    • Possibly one of the world’s largest oil system for grinding operations on site in a single factory and single application.
  • In the spring, the new factory is inaugurated. Our company presents an olive tree of more than 250 years. Its weight was more than 1.5 Tn and is air transported.
  • Each year they "harvest" of the olives.
1991 1991
  • R&D: Specific investment plan of € 149,600 to filter water with 25% salt by electrochemical machining 

  • SWITZERLAND: Design and manufacture a Precoat Central system type FTD 60 AD TA with a total flow of 3.000 l/min for a manufacturer of watch components.
  • GERMANY: Participation at the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany-project COMPOMENTS grinding of high-performance ceramics. Our contribution was a precoat filter type FTD 6 AD DO, flow: 200 l / min. 
  •  SWITZERLAND: Design and manufacture three central systems for micro emulsion type FTD 20 DA 15 with a total flow of 3.000 l/min for Group E.T.A

  • KOREA: Installation and startup of two central systems type FTD 75 E8 i FTD 75 E9 with a total flow of 8.000 l/min for multinational cutting tool manufacturer.
  • EXPORT RATE: The export share over the last 5 years was 82% of invoiced. Half in Japan, the other countries of the EU.

  • KOREA: Commissioning and start up of second phase of another two central precoat systems for cutting oil type FTD 75E8A and FTD 75 E10 with a total flow of 8.000 l/min.  For the same manufacturer of the previous year.
  • GERMANY: Project with the University of Aachen. The contribution of Novotecnic was the design and supply of precoat filtration equipment FTD 8 AD TA flow: 320 l / min for cutting oil to assemble a special grinding machine, developed by the Italian firm Tachella Machine. 

  • The objective was to reach cutting speeds with CBN grinding wheel, up to 220 m/sec.
  • UNITED KINGDOM: NOVOTECNIC Is invited to participate as a speaker at the conference seminar “ADVANCES IN GRINDING TECHNOLOGIES” in Bristol. Our engineers gave a lecture on proper filtration for grinding.
  • ISRAEL: Design and manufacture of a central filtration system type FTD 50 AD TA DA 35 with a total flow of 1.800 l/min of neat oil for a manufacurer of cutting tools.
  • VOLKSWAGEN for one of its factories, we design and manufacture a central precaot system 2FTD 75 DA 90 to filter cooling oil with a total flow of 5.300 l/min for GROB machine centers that produce aluminium gear boxes.

  • ISRAEL: Design and manufacture of a central filtration system type FTD 40 AD TA with a total flow of 1.000 l/min of neat oil for a manufacurer of cutting tools.
  • FACTORY EXPANSION: A great expansion of the factory is performed, we now have 6.600m2, to give the best service to our customers.

  • New Range of products designing and manufacturing “refrigeration equipment” of medium and high power. 

  • In the last decade we continue to deliver different systems of different sizes to first class manufacturers of watches, mainly Swiss customers.


  • VOLKSWAGEN: For one of their factories in Europe, we design, manufacture and assemble a large precoat central filtration system type 5 75 DL120 FTD to filter the cooling oil feeding 27 CNC centers from GROB, for machining aluminium gearboxes. 

    • Flow rate: 12.500 l / min.  Capacity: 300 m3 .

  • ISRAEL: Design and manufacture of a central filtration system type 2 FTD 75 AD TA with a total flow of 6.000 l/min of neat oil for a manufacurer of engine valves.
  • KENFILT: We Register trademark KENFILT and new logo, to renew the name and image of the company.
 logo kenfilt
  • AUSTRIA: We deisgn and manufacture a precoat central system type FTD 20 AD TA with a total flow of 1.000 l/min for a manufacturer of engines in the automotive sector

  • ISRAEL: Design and manufacture of a central filtration system type FTD 50 AD TA with a total flow of 1.600 l/min for a manufacurer of cutting tools.
  • BRASIL. We design and manufacture a special sludge drying system type 2 CALL400 for drying the sludge from our competitors precoat filtration systems, existing in a tool factory. Tank discharge capacity of the 8 precoat filters: 20 m3.
  • AUSTRIA:  We install four precoating central systems for filtering oil, in a manufacturer of engines in the automotive sector, connected to:

    • REISHAUER: 2 Precoat filters FTD 12 AD TA with flow 800 l/min of cutting oil.

    • TACHELLA: 2 Precoat filters FTD 25 DA 20 with flow 1.800 l/min of cutting oil.
  • All the employees of Kenfilt make a tribute for the 40 years of entrepreneur, to Jaume Lleal. Delivering a watercolor that represents important moments of the professional and personal career of his life. The company organizes a dinner in a restaurant in the Barcelona area.
  • VOLKSWAGEN: We design and manufacture for the gearbox factory, a central filtration system type FTD 60 ADTA + 2 SM1500 for cutting oil used in the grinding and honing lines of gears and shafts with CBN grinding wheels. 
    • Total flow filtration: 2,500 l / min. 
    • Total capacity: 90 m3
  • FRANCE. For a manufacturer of gearboxes, we design and build a “turnkey” project, a large central filtration of cutting oil used in machining aluminum gearboxes. 

      • Total flow: 25,000 l/min
      • Total capacitat: 160 m3 
  • TURKEY. We design and manufacture for a factory of aluminum wheels a central filtration system of the emulsion used in the machining process. 
    • Consisting of: 
      • 1 hydraulic vacuum filter TADE 26 DA 120 with flow 11.500 l / min with paper band filter.
      • Capacity 120 m3
      • All pipe network distribution and return channels.
      • Automatic drying the shavings with centrifuge from Steimel, Germany.
  • ISRAEL: Design and manufacture of the first out of three central filtration systems type 2 FTD 60 AD TA with a total flow of 6.000 l/min for a manufacurer of cutting tools.
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Design and manufacture for an engine factory, 2 precoat central filtration systems for oil for two lines of grinding camshafts and crankshafts cast with CBN wheels.
    • FTD 90 AD TA Flow: 4.000 l/min - Total capacity: 30 m3 
    • FTD 60 AD TA Flow: 2.000 l/min - Total capacitat: 15 m3
  • BASC COUNTRY: We Design and manufacture for a steel mill, that manufacturers steel profiles, one central filtration system for cooling water that feeds a hot rolled rail.
    • This system is built entirely in stainless steel. It includes a settling tank with the an automatic dredging tank of laminar flow and a rotative paper band filter BPR 200
    • Total filtered flow: 2.000 l/min
    • Total Capacity: 120m3
  • ITALY: We design and develop for a manufacturer of carbon disk breaks a central filtration system FTD 75 AD TA, to filter the synthetic solution that refrigerates the CBN wheels.
    • Total flow: 3.000 l/min
    • Total Capacity: 40m3
  • KOREA: We design and manufacture a precoat filtration plant type 2 FTD 60 AD TA for a manufacturer of cutting tools, for its grinding machines with CBN wheels with oil.
    • Total filtration flow: 5.000 l/min
    • Total Capacity: 30 m3
  • TURKEY: We deisgn and manufacture four central systems for a manufacturer of bearings:
    • TWO HYDRAULIC VACUUM CENTRAL SYSTEMS type TADE 26 DA 120 for a flow of 12.000  l/min of emulsion. Total capacity: 120 m3
    • HYDRAULIC VACUUM SYSTEM  type TADE  18 DA80 to filter a flow of 7.000 l/min of griding emulsion. Total capacity: 80 m3
    • PRECOAT CENTRAL SYSTEM type FTD 50 AD TA to filter 2.000 l/min  of honning oil. Total capacity: 21 m3.
    • PRCOAT CENTRAL SYSTEM type 2 FTD 75 AD TA to filter 9.500 l/min or querosene for the cleanning of thge bearing assembly line. Total capacity: 30 m3
  • JAPAN. Design and manufacture for a hard metal tool factory, 1 central precoat filtration system type 2 FTD 60 for griding oil.
    • Total flow: 5.000 l/min - Capacity: 30m3
  • ISRAEL. Design and manufacture 1 central filtration system type SMP 25. Without filter aid to filter emulsion of a machinning line of tools.
    • Flow: 1.350 l/min. - Capacity: 12 m3
  • GERMANY. Design and manufacture a new filtration system with hydraulic vacuum type TADE 1,5, for a manufacturer of griding machines, to filter the oil that refrigerates the CBN wheels.
    • Flow: 460 l/min. - Capacity: 4,5 m3 
  • EXPORT: The last 6 years the export quota reached almost 90% of invoced. But this did not avoid the decline in orders for the last months of 2009 through July of 2010.  During this period the orders were reduced by 80%

  • The long world crisis in investments for auxiliary equipment in the metalurgic industry, afects us greatly.  During the month of July we are forced to close our factory at Sta. Perpetua de Mogoda.

  • At the same time the daughters of Mr. Jaume Lleal decide to continue with the business and create two societies to give assistance to more than 3.000 systems that we have working satisfactoraly in more than 37 countries in the 5 continents.
    • KENFILT EUROPA, S.L. does the study, design and manufacture of central filtration systems as well as individual systems.
    • KENO EUROPA, S.L. supplies all the spare parts to all of our more than 1.000 customers that might need any part for their Kenfilt or Novotecnic system 

  • We manufacture small systems as well as two central systems

  • We design and manufacture a central system type BH 70 DL5 for an american multinational, that manufactures steel wheel rims for cars

  • BRASIL. We design and manufacture a central system type FTD 60 AD TA for a subsidiary of a German Multinational, for the grinding of camshafts with CBN wheels. 
    • Flow: 2.500 l/min. - Capacity: 19 m3
  • During our long history, the company policy has been to design and manufacture with our own facilities and means our filtration systems.  Due to circumstances we have been subcontracting for the last two years.

  • Following company policy, during the month of July we have moved to a new factory, where we have offices as well as manufacturing space to satisfy our needs. We hope that from now on we will continue to grow as we did last year.

  • POLAND. Central filtration precoat system type  FTD 40 AD TA + 2 SM 1500  with a flow of 1.700 l/min of oil for 39 honnig heads installed in a engine cylinder factory.

  • CHINA Precoat filtration system FTD 2 AD DO for cooling oil in a press for a factory of explosives.  
  • MEXICO. Central filtration system FTD 6 AD TA + SM 400 for oil for a NAGEL honning machine for producing truck engine liners.
  •  PRECISSION LATHING PARTS: Central filtration system type FTD 50 AD TA with a flow of 2.250 l/min oil for 43 lathes.
  • VOLKSWAGEN, for one of the European factory we design and supply a filtration system type FTD 60 for a distribution flow of 3.000 l/min of cutting oil used in the production of gearboxes.

  • HARD METAL TOOL MANUFACTURER. For a factory in Central Europe, we design and manufacture a Central Filtration System for EMULSION.  Battery of 20 HC + 2 BPR 150 + DL 5.  Incorporating refrigeration-deoiling and automatic dosing of emulsion. Distributed flow 2.700 l/min.
  • CUTTING TOOLS MANUFACTURER, for a Northern European plant we design and manufacture two filtration plants FTD 6 AD DO and FTD 20 AD TA for the distribution of 240 l/min and 800 l/min respectively of cooling oil.
  • JAPAN, bearing manufacturer NSK, for a european plant, two FTD 30 AD TA Cooling Oil Filtration Plants are designed for the cleaning of bearings, one of which incorporates an absolute filter of 3 microns, with a unit flow of 1,300 l/min..

  • Kenfilt attends the EMO with a booth to keep in touch with our customers and present the new designs and improvements of our products.
  • Catalonia Delivery of two plants to a company that manufactures dies for the food industry. A FTD 50 AD TA for a flow of 3,000 l/min and an 18 HC 100 DA 4 for 1,500 l/min of synthetic solution to separate the hard metal and obtain its recovery.
  • Poland Manufacture and delivery of the third FTD 20 AD TA to a client manufacturer of hard metal cutting tools at a flow rate of 600 l / min.
  • Barcelona. Design and manufacture of two precoat central suystems by a major automaker to filter the coolant used in the production of gearboxes. These Systems have the peculiarity that they have a standby filter. The two plants have a cooling unit with a exchanger Connected to a water cooling unit. The system for the grinding line has a filtration capacity of 3,900 l/min with a pre-separation using magnetic separators. The system for the honning line has a capacity of 3,500 l/min.
  • Poland: Delivery of the fourth filtration plant in three years by a client in the hard metal cutting tool industry.

                     Delivery of two filtration equipment by a major bearing manufacturer:
                                3rd precoat central system for 1,500 l/min in two years.
                                A new design for filtering the coolant used to clean parts made with a 5 micron self-cleaning police filter. Flow rate 700 l/min

  • India: Multinational in the manufacture of HSS cutting tools and other products
                         Delivery of a procat filter FTD 40 DA 12 for a flow of 1,500 l/min with a constant distribution pressure control system at 20bar.
                         Design, manufacture and delivery of sludge drying equipment to be connected to a Kenfilt precoat central system delivered in 2009.

  • Switzerland: Upgrading to a 20 bar distribution pressure control system at a Kenfilt 5,000 l/min precoat system, installed in 1989 by a threading male manufacturer.
  • Barcelona: Design, manufacture and delivery of a pre-separation equipment to adapt an existing Kenfilt pneumatic vacuum central system from 2005 to filter emulsion with aluminum particles for a flow rate of 7,000 l/min.
  • Design and manufacture of a new filterless media system for European bearing manufacturer for its R&D department with an emulsion flow rate of 1,100 l/min.
  • France: Design and manufacture at the request of the client of a new continuous dosing equipment.
  • Kenfilt builds, designs and delivers the first plant applying Industry 4.0 for a client who produces Flat Grinding for other companies. This precoat central system has sensors in various elements of the equipment which allows the user to have better control of the installation. The plant is connected to the production management system and the Engineering department has access to real-time and historical data for efficient control of the plant as well as control of consumables. This allows the company to obtain very important data to reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce possible environmental effects.

  • Industry 4.0 for Kenfilt equipment. All our teams have the option of applying Industry 4.0 in consumables as well as the control of the installation. Improving its efficiency and reducing the costs of use and maintenance.

  • New sensors applied to filtration to obtain data in real time. Information accessible at the plant or remotely on the type and shape of particles that the plant is processing to make the pertinent changes in production to improve the efficiency of the productive machines connected to the plant.
  • Design and manufacture of a central filtration unit for 800 l/min for a tool manufacturer in Central Europe.